Tesla CEO Elon Musk on solar power

Nov 26, 2021 Earphone

Tesla CEO and SolarCity cofounder Elon Musk took to Twitter to address rumors that the company was planning to start charging its electric vehicles with solar energy.

The Tesla Motors CEO responded on Thursday to reports that Tesla was planning on using solar power to power its vehicles.

“This has been a rumor for a while.

I do not know about you but I have no doubt in my mind that we are not going to do it,” Musk wrote.

“Tesla does not have a power plant.

We have a network of batteries that can produce power for us in excess of the amount of power needed for a typical car battery.

It is not possible for us to have a Tesla vehicle that uses solar energy to generate power.

That is why the Model 3 does not require a solar panel or any sort of inverter.””

We are not doing this because we are against the use of solar power.

We are doing this for a couple of reasons: Solar panels do not cost the company anything.

It costs about $30 to build a single solar panel.

We could do the same thing with solar power.”

Solar panels are used to store electricity and are used by electric vehicles to generate electricity.

Solar panels are generally cheaper than fossil fuel generators, but solar panels can be difficult to install.

Tesla’s cars use battery storage for storage.

The solar panels are not just for the vehicles.

Musk has also spoken out against the negative environmental impacts of coal and nuclear power.

Musk said he was disappointed that the U.S. government does not use a carbon tax, even though it has been one of the main sources of support for renewable energy.

Tesla is currently the largest maker of solar panels in the U

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