The UK’s most expensive phone in 2017: Rs. 5,800 for the 5.2-inch model from OnePlus

Aug 17, 2021 Phone

In 2017, the UK’s first smartphone launched at a price tag of £2,699, according to a new report.

The new OnePlus 5 smartphone is the most expensive of its kind in the UK, the BBC reports, quoting the firm as saying the device costs a staggering £5,800 in India.

The OnePlus 5 launched in India earlier this month, in time for the Lunar New Year holiday, and is available for sale through online retailers, like Amazon India.

A new report from the British smartphone retailer, Big-Review, says the OnePlus 5 is the cheapest phone in the world to buy on Amazon, with an estimated value of £1,200.

In India, the device can be purchased for £1.99, while the OnePlus 6 is the best-selling phone in India with a price of £6,000.

However, the company’s India sales have seen a steep drop in the past month, according a report by Big-Score.

The company says the total number of orders placed in India dropped by 20% from the previous month.

The report says the company is working to ramp up sales in the country.

In its report, Big Review said the OnePlus 4 and 5 were both “excellent” smartphones, but the OnePlus 3 was “shocking.”

“It is worth noting that while both the OnePlus phones and the OnePlus Note 4 are among the most affordable in the market, the OnePlus 1 is the first phone to break the Rs. 1,000 mark,” the report said.

The device has a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.

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