What is a ‘Chlorine Electron’ Rocket?

Sep 15, 2021 Camera

A helium-3-based rocket engine that would burn hydrogen as fuel to propel a payload of up to 2.5 tons.

A key component is the use of a new type of electron, a single electron with the same number of protons and neutrons as the nucleus of the hydrogen atom.

By adding protons to the nucleus, this gives the electron a unique, atomic shape.

When hydrogen atoms collide, these electrons are released, and the resulting plasma heats up.

The ionized hydrogen ionizes at high temperatures and produces a shock wave, which then generates an electric field that attracts electrons to the ionized surface of the fuel, and makes them spin around the fuel as they accelerate to orbit.

A second type of ion is a double-helium ion, which contains two protons.

This type of plasma is less efficient, and produces more heat.

When the two proton ions collide, they generate an electromagnetic pulse, which produces a burst of high-energy electrons, which cause a shockwave.

In this case, the shockwave is the result of two separate electric fields, but it also serves to attract and deflect the charged particles, which is how the electron is launched.

The key ingredient for this type of rocket is a propellant called oxygen.

Oxygen is produced by splitting oxygen atoms into oxygen-oxygen atoms, and using a catalyst to create oxygen from carbon-carbon bonds.

When oxygen is added to a rocket’s propellant, it generates an ionizing plasma.

When two hydrogen atoms collide, they produce a large magnetic field, and this magnetic field attracts electrons in the form of protos and neutons.

When these protons are attracted to the electrons, the electric field produces an electric charge, which attracts electrons more strongly to the plasma surface, where the ionizes hydrogen.

The result is a large amount of high energy electrons, and a large electric field, which pushes the electrons to orbit, and accelerates the rocket to orbit a large distance.

The second version of the rocket, a gas-fueled rocket, uses an electron accelerator to convert hydrogen into fuel, where it can be used for re-entry.

The electron accelerator uses two electrodes in the center of a rocket, which are surrounded by a layer of a special coating that blocks the ionizing energy, which causes the electrons and protons inside the rocket core to spin around.

This creates a large energy release, which creates an electric current that is directed to the electrodes, which release energy and allow the electrons inside the core to accelerate.

Once the electrons are in the core, they’re released into space.

The advantage of this type is that the fuel will last for months or years.

The disadvantage is that you can only launch this type if you have a large enough volume of fuel, which can be expensive.

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